The Road to the white house

The Road to the white house - Chapter One Presidential...

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Chapter One Presidential Selection: A Historical Overview I. Introduction A. The Office of the president has undergone many changes 1. Parties, expansion of suffrage, growth of the media, technology, particularly changes in electoral system, more expensive. B. Layout of chapter 1. Creation of Presidential election process a) Motives and intentions of Philadelphia delegates. b) Procedures for selecting the president within the context of constitutional and political issues of the day. 2. Development of nominating systems. a) Methods used to nominate candidates. (i) Partisan congressional caucuses (ii) Brokered national conventions (iii) State primaries and caucuses b) Political forces that shaped/destroyed these modes. 3. Presidential elections a) Controversial Elections (i) H of R (1800/1824) (ii) Congress (1876) (iii) S.C. (2000) b) 20 th /21 st Century Close Elections (i) Small number of votes decided (1960, 1968, 1976, 2004) (ii) Highlights strengths and weaknesses of the Electoral College (iii) Assesses EC consistency with the principles of a democratic electoral process 4. Current operation of electoral system a) Geographic and demographic biases and how they affect the national character of presidential elections b) EC’s major party orientation and its diverse impact on 3 rd party candidates II. Electoral Process A. Problems facing Philadelphia delegates 1. Electoral system that would choose the most qualified, not the most popular a) Guarantee institution’s independence while remaining consistent with republican form of government (i) Based on consent, but not a direct democracy (ii) Everyone had an opportunity to participate
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The Road to the white house - Chapter One Presidential...

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