240-75 Ch 14 Terms Fa 09

240-75 Ch 14 Terms Fa 09 - BIO 240-75 Fall 2009 Vocabulary,...

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Vocabulary, Concepts and Terms for Chapter 14 Mendel and the Gene Idea “Blending” hypothesis-the idea that genetic material contributed by the two parents mixes in a manner analogous to the way blue and yellow paints blend to make green. Particulate” hypothesis- the gene idea. Parents pass on discrete heritable units-genes-that retain their separate identities in offspring. Character-a heritable feature that varies among individuals, such as flower color. Trait-each variant for a character, such as purple or white color for flowers. True-breeding-referring to plants that produce offspring of the same variety when they self- pollinate. Hybridization-the mating, or crossing of two true-bleeding varieties. P generation-parent generation,the parent individuals from which offspring are derived in studies of inheritance F1 generation-the first filial, or hybrid, offspring in a series of genetic crosses. F2 generation-Offspring resulting from interbreeding of the hybrid F1 generation. Law of Segregation-Mendel's first law, stating that the two alleles in a pair segregate (separate) into different gametes during gamete formation. Alternative version of genes-these are called alleles-they account for variations in inherited characters. Alleles-alternative version of genes. Dominant- Recessive- Punnett Square-a handy diagrammatic device for predicting the allele composition of offspring from a cross between individuals of known genetic makeup. Homozygous-an organism that has a pair of identical alleles for a character.
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240-75 Ch 14 Terms Fa 09 - BIO 240-75 Fall 2009 Vocabulary,...

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