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240-75 Ch 16 Terms Fa 09 (1)

240-75 Ch 16 Terms Fa 09 (1) - 300 nm fiber Looped domains...

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BIO 240-75 Fall 2009 Vocabulary, Concepts and Terms for  Chapter 16 The Molecular Basis of Inheritance DNA-deoxyribonucleic acid  RNA-ribonucleic acid TH Morgan- F Griffith- Transformation- Avery Bacteriophage (phage) Chargaff’s Rule X-ray crystallography Double helix Nucleotide Nucleoside Adenine Guanine Cytosine Thymine Uracil Purine  Pyrimidine 5’ end 3’ end Complementary base pairing Conservative DNA replication Semi-conservative DNA replication Dispersive DNA replication Origin of replication Replication bubble Replication fork Parental strand Daughter strand Helicase
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Primase Primer Single strand binding protein (ssbp) Topoisomerase DNA polymerase Antiparallel elongation Leading strand Lagging strand Template Sliding clamp Okazaki fragment DNA ligase Mismatch repair Nuclease Nucleotide excision repair Telomeres Telomerase Chromosome packing Chromatin Histones 10 nm fiber Nucleosomes Histone tail 30 nm fiber
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Unformatted text preview: 300 nm fiber Looped domains Metaphase chromosome Heterochromatin Euchromatin CHAPTER 16 NOTES: Search for genetic material T.H. Morgan 1916 Genes are located on chromosomes Genetic material=? F. Griffith used pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacteria demonstrated transformation Horizontal gene transfer=transformation Avery, McCarty and MacLeod 1944 DNA=transforming agent Hershey and Chase 1952 Bacteriophage work DNA goes into cell not protein Chargaff 1950 A=T C=G Wilkins and Franklin 1951 X-ray crystallography Watson and Crick 1953 Double Helix DNA Replication-Unwind (Helicase)-Stabilize (Single-strand binding protein ssbp)-Correct overwinding (topoisomerase)-Primer Formation (primase)-Add nucleotides (polymerase)-Sliding clamp (protein)-Ligate Okazaki fragments (ligase)-Can DNA polymerase initiate synthesis? No-Primer and Primase needed...
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240-75 Ch 16 Terms Fa 09 (1) - 300 nm fiber Looped domains...

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