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Manage this Assignment: Introduction to MasteringEngineering Due: 8:00am on Friday, August 21, 2009 Note: You will receive no credit for late submissions. To learn more, read your instructor's Grading Policy Welcome! Description: Introduces students to the Mastering program. This introduction includes the typical item format and grading scheme. Learning Goal: To practice using this program and its helpful features. This program presents homework items assigned by your instructor and works with you to answer them. Homework items typically have an introduction, possibly figures, and one or more parts for you to answer. Type of help offered The program tells you immediately whether or not your answers are correct. Usually, you will have multiple chances to get the correct answer. Your instructor will determine how many tries you get. In many problems, hints are available to help you when you get stuck. If you don't need the hints to solve the problem, you can still use them for review later on. If you submit an incorrect answer, the program often responds with specific, helpful feedback. The program is forgiving of many typos and formatting mistakes. If it can't figure out what you entered, it will let you know and give you another chance. These exercises were chosen specifically to lead you through the key features of the program and are not intended to test your knowledge of any specific subject material. Therefore, on this problem you will not be penalized for using hints and submitting incorrect answers. In fact, you should submit incorrect answers and use the hints to see what happens! Part A How many squares are in this grid ? Note that the figure link lets you know that a figure goes along with this part. This figure is available to the left. Enter your answer as a number in the box below and then submit your answer by clicking . ANSWER: Number of squares = 5 5.00 5.0 What you are reading now is called a "follow-up comment." These comments typically offer more information or provide an interpretation of the answer you just obtained. Before you move on to a slightly more challenging question, have a quick look at the other buttons available around the answer box: gives you the answer to the question if you can't figure it out on your own. Your instructor controls whether or not this button is available. If it is not available, you will see the button instead. brings up a new window that lists all of the answers you have submitted this question, along with any helpful feedback you received for incorrect submissions. Grading See the help file available by clicking the help tab in the top right corner, if you want to know more about how grading works. Here is the most important information you'll need: In a graded homework item, each part counts equally toward your score on the overall item. If you get full credit on each part, you will receive full credit for the problem. You may lose a fraction of the credit for a part when you submit an incorrect answer. Whether you do lose credit and how much you lose are set by your instructor. However, you won't lose credit for most types of formatting mistakes
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