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The “Extending My Comfort Zone” Project MANA 6332 Instructor: Rude
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When I was a child, I can remember my mom taking me to the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church every Saturday night or Sunday morning for mass. When it was time for me to go to high school, it had to be the local Catholic high school. This meant I had to go to mass every Friday at school and then again on the weekend with my mother. In 1994 I went off to college, and like clockwork I went to church every weekend at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. There was one big problem with this weekly routine; I did not fit in. In college, I realized that I was never going to fulfill my mother’s dream of me getting married and having a big family because I am gay. As you probably know, the Catholic Church feels that homosexuality falls under the category of sinners and not saints. I felt that I was an outcast in the eyes of the church and that it was now out of my comfort zone. Flash-forward to 2007: I have not stepped foot inside a church for the last ten years. This may sound silly, but subconsciously I have always felt that if I ever walked into a church again they would turn me away at the door for being who I am. I decided that this project was the perfect opportunity for me to re-extend my comfort zone and visit a church. On, the advice of a friend I attended the 10:50 a.m. service at the Bering Methodist Church in the Montrose area. Before I even walked in the door, I was nervous. It had been almost ten years since I had been inside the hallowed walls of a church. As I walked up the steps to enter the sanctuary, the greeter at the door came up to me and introduced himself. He was a nice friendly guy who told me to put on a name tag when I went inside. The first thought
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6332-Comfort.Zone.Sample.3 - The Extending My Comfort Zone...

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