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ACCT 6331: Financial Accounting Bauer College of Business Spring 2010 Professor: Dr. Mimi Alciatore Office: 390 Melcher Hall, Suite D Phone: 713.743.4848 E-mail: Office Hours: 5:15 – 5:45 pm Mondays and Tuesdays and By appointment Texts & Materials: (1) Financial Accounting for MBAs (4th Edition)” by Easton, Wild, Halsey, and McAnally; Cambridge Business Publishers. You may buy the text from the UH bookstore or Order Online at (2) “Financial Accounting, A Management Perspective (16th edition)” by Dr. Robert Holt, Ivy Software. To Purchase this Product, You can order it Online (Preferred approach by Ivy) at Or You can call 1-800-342-5489 or 1-804-769-7193 WebCT Vista: Assignments and Other Information Will Be Posted on the WebCT Vista Site for this course. You are responsible for Checking that site between classes and on the Day of Class Before coming to the University of Houston. Course Grading: Quiz Week of March 8, 2010 20 % Exam I Week of March 29, 2010 40 % Exam II Week of May 3, 2010 40 % Total 100 % UH Grading scale: 93% and above = A 90 to 93% = A - 87 to 90% = B + 83 to 87% = B 80 to 83% = B - etc.
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What Will this Course Do for Me? Financial accounting comprises the rules and methods which firms must use
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MBA%206331%20Syllabus%20Spring%202010%20%20Feb%2015 - ACCT...

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