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RelativeResourceManager pdf - Name Team Name Date Carl...

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1 Name: Carl Carlson (Note from Dennis: This case has been modified to disguise the original company, products, and industry. It is intended to be an example of a good answer for the IT Project Failure Minicase Study.) Team Name: Team Gogert Date: January 1, 2000 IT Project Failure Minicase Study Company Description NRG is one of the nation’s largest combined electricity and cable television delivery company, with more than 25 million metered electric and cable customers, and the second largest employer in Springfield. We provide electricity transmission and distribution service for the Springfield metropolitan area and other large cities in the US, and cable distribution service in neighboring states. We operate in regulated and unregulated electricity markets. We own 14 coal or gas-fired power generation units capable of generating 200 gigawatts of power a day. We have a cable group owns and operates interstate cable connections, creates content, provides maintenance and technical services to third-party clients and installs our remote monitoring and measuring systems, MyService. Our company employs about 12,600 people in 18 states. Source(s) of Information Montgomery Burns Senior Manager Operations Technology Various Public Utility Commission documents related to the issue Selma Bouvier Director of Customer Relations, Southeast Division
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2 System Description SPNRG roll-out of the Customer Support System (CSS). CSS was a customized CRM that featured integrated customer services and customer tracking with customer billing and call center. This level of integration is unprecedented in the regulated and unregulated utility space.
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  • Spring '10
  • cost overruns, customer billing, Project Failure Minicase, customer software product, customer billing software

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RelativeResourceManager pdf - Name Team Name Date Carl...

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