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Reaction Paper The Leadership Challenge Management 6332 Dale Rude November 10, 2003
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Introduction Kouzes and Posner’s book The Leadership Challenge , is an extremely remarkable book that should be suggested to all individuals in leadership roles. Reading this book caused me to really evaluate the individuals I have encountered that were supposedly in leadership roles. I soon came to realize that ninety-five percent of these individuals were not leaders but managers…and poor managers at that. There were several topics of significance for me because of past experiences I have had both in a working environment as well as being a college athlete. I feel that the most beneficial way to write this paper is to call attention to the real-life experiences I have encountered that are not aligned with this book. I chose my experience at Chili’s Grill & Bar as my focus because this job was involved in one of the most hostile working environment with which I have been associated. I honestly do not know where to start except by saying that nothing that this book stresses as being important to leadership was present when I worked for this restaurant. The so-called leaders could definitely implement some pointers and other pieces of advice suggested by Kouzes and Posner by thoroughly reading this book. Strengthening others is a philosophy that was preached by the management every
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Sample.Reaction.Paper.1 - Reaction Paper The Leadership...

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