Corporation and their effects on health and Society

Corporation and their effects on health and Society - Kit...

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Kit Chow HWS 333 Fall 2009 Corporation and Their Effects on Health and Society Corporation is considered a legal group of people that act together to provides the benefits of limited liability to officers and shareholders of the corporations . Some well known companies like GE, Walt Disney, Time Warner and others just pop out my mind without even thinking when I hear the word corporation . They are popular that everyone knows about them because they have a tremendous impact on us . As Kaysha said, corporation media is not inherently bad . It is the focus of ownership that increases the negative influences in both economic and political system . 90% of the entire media outlet is owned by only 6 companies . Clearly, we see a huge problem there . The mass media is controlled by the giant players in the society. We are programmed to hear about everything that they tell us . This will definitely have an impact on the choices we make . Advertisements are what media owners use to manipulate our thinking and decision . Whether it is on television or on the radio, the purpose of repeatedly broadcasting something eventually gets into the people’s head . Media owners would stay loyal to the interests of their sponsors or the advertisers most of the time, because that’s how they keep the contract with them in order to make profit . Hence, they usually neglect the interest of the public . In addition, the common people have little says against the big business or related corporations . It is hard to voice their 1
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opinions about the media . This is becoming an issue for the consumer’s world nowadays. People just buy the products according to the messages displayed in the advertisements
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Corporation and their effects on health and Society - Kit...

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