Diabetes - Kit Chow HWS 333 Fall 2009 Diabetes The...

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Kit Chow HWS 333 Fall 2009 Diabetes The presentation on diabetes by Jordan has helped me greatly understand the treatments and cures for both type one and two diabetes . There are other materials presented such as myths, quick facts and videos that better educate the class . I learned how diabetes impacts our nation after the presentation . It is a problem that requires more attention nowadays. Although it would be more helpful to have some solid background data and statistics on the subject before going into the symptoms and cures, which I thought was the outline . Jordan started talking about the two most common types of diabetes instead . Diabetes has appeared more in the news in the past 5 years and is getting more publicity . It is estimated that 23.6 million people in America have diabetes, including both type I and II . It is the fifth deadliest disease in America . Just in 2005 alone, there were over two hundred thousand deaths as a result of diabetes . This high number is caused by the death of untreated patients. Nearly one fourth of the population who has diabetes are undiagnosed and their symptoms are left untreated . This is a potential dangerous problem we face because diabetics are not aware of the sickness . Some of the symptoms for diabetes like eating more due to the excessive appetite will not be noticed and eventually causing more health problems in the long run
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Diabetes - Kit Chow HWS 333 Fall 2009 Diabetes The...

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