Narcissism - KitChow HWS333 Narcissism Being the first...

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Kit Chow HWS 333 Narcissism Being the first presenter, Geneva did a great job on explaining what narcissism is. Through her well prepared and detailed PowerPoint slides, I learned a lot about narcissism and its impact on our society. It was eye opening to see what goes through some of these people’s mind, and how they think differently compare to the norms. Their narrow minded thinking has brought them to the lowest level of consciousness. Geneva started off with a story of Narcissus, a Greek mythology. I found that using a story is a good way to grab classmates’ attention at the beginning. It was interesting. However, she spoke softly and I missed some of information she was presenting. With the handout, I was able to retrieve some of the information I missed during the presentation. The history of Narcissism is basically self-love. It is closely related to egotism, which is placing oneself at the center of one’s world without any concerns for the others. Personally, I believe that those who are narcissistic were not born that way. It has absolutely nothing to do with genetic. They
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Narcissism - KitChow HWS333 Narcissism Being the first...

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