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Quiz 3 Review Sheet

Quiz 3 Review Sheet - Study Guide for Quiz 3 Spring 2008...

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Study Guide for Quiz 3 Spring 2008 There are 20 questions: 7 from Chapter 8, 6 from Chapter 9, and 7 from Chapter 10. There is at least one question from each topic below on either the day or the night quiz. Chapter 8 1. Organization structure and charts – definitions a. Organizational Structure- The system of task, reporting, and authority relationships within the organization b. Structure- the from and function of the organizations activities and how these parts fit together c. Organizational Chart - A diagram showing all people, positions, reporting relationships, and lines of formal communication. 2. Departmentalization – types of & examples 3. Span of Control and Administrative Hierarchy – definitions and examples 4. Responsibility and authority – definitions a.Responsibility- obligation to do something with the expectation some act or output will result b. Authority- Power that has been legitimized within a specific social context and includes the legitimate right to use resources to accomplish expected outcomes 5. Universal vs. Contingency approaches to structure 6.
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