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STUDY GUIDE Campbell 7th and 8th editions BIO 311D CHINNERY CHAPTER 23 Important figures 7th edition: 23.3, 23.4, 23.5, 23.7, 23.8, 23.12, 23.13 Important figures 8th edition: 23.5, 23.6, 23.7, 23.8, 23.9, 23.10, 23.13, 23.16, 23.17, 23.18 Important terms: microevolution, macroevolution, modern synthesis, population, species, gene pool, Hardy-Weinberg theorem, Hardy-Weinberg equation, Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, allele, genotype, phenotype, gamete, homozygote, heterozygote, mutation, point mutation, duplication, recombination, genetic drift, bottleneck effect, founder effect, natural selection, gene flow, genetic variation, directional selection, stabilizing selection, disruptive selection, heterozygote advantage, species selection, intraspecific sexual selection, interspecific sexual selection. Knowledge goals: Be able to discern between a population and a gene pool. Understand the Hardy-Weinberg theorem – what the symbols stand for, how they represent portions of a gene pool (p + q = 1), and be able to answer questions about specific populations. Why are we learning the Hardy-Weinberg equation?
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