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exam 2 review points

exam 2 review points - them 11 constraints plants had to...

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Exam Two Review Points: 1. Know what makes a species 2. species concepts and what methods are used to determine what a species is 3. different kinds of reproductive isolations—both pre and post- zygotic 4. difference between types of evolution (gradualism and punctuated equil.), types of speciation (anagenesis vs. cladogenesis), and modes of speciation (allopatric vs. sympatric) 5. what is biodiversity, why it is important, and how can we increase/decrease it 6. what is our full taxonomy nomenclature 7. what systematics, phylogeny, and cladistics are and how to create/interpret information from cladograms 8. relative orders of geologic time—eras in order, extinction events between the eras, and dominating animals/plants in those periods 9. general evolution of organisms (single-celled to multi-celled / RNA to DNA) 10. evolution of plants—both the correct order and the characteristics that evolved between
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Unformatted text preview: them 11. constraints plants had to overcome to get to land and why overcoming those constraints was advantageous 12. generalized life cycle and how they vary slightly with each plant group—know how the life cycles change over time 13. organs and organ systems of plants and what the modifications of those organs are and why it is advantageous to make that modification 14. general growth mechanism of a plant and the different tropisms responses to external signals 15. know the hormone table! 16. know why xylem and phloem transport pathways and the parts involved in the processes 17. be able to compare and contrast plants and animals using the topics discussed in class 18. know those review slides that she posted, whether it is recreating the picture, labeling it, or interpreting information from it...
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