Lecture assignment for 11-1.09 Ch. 42

Lecture assignment for 11-1.09 Ch. 42 - Assignment for Week...

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Assignment for Week of 11/09 – Learn Circulation and Gas exchange yourself from your book. Here are some guidelines for this. Circulation: Read pg 898 – 710 What do some animals have instead of a circulatory system? Which animals have open circ. systems and which closed? What is the difference? Study Fig. 42.3 Don’t need to know arterioles or venules. Really study Fig. 42.4, 42.5 – notice that reptiles have only 1 ventricle, with a septum (the figure makes it look like 2 ventricles) Know the numbers of atria and ventricles in different vertebrate groups and be able to discuss why the numbers changed – each group has different needs; what are they? Be able to trace the path of a blood cell or other molecule through the circulatory system from anywhere to anywhere (notice that it is a loop). Fig. 42.6 – you don’t need to know the inferior and superior vena cavae; just the vena cava itself is what returns blood from the body to the heart. To orient yourself when looking at the heart, picture looking in the face of a friend, and thinking about their
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