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Melissa Yanc Anthropology 101 What Darwin Never Knew In the film, “What Darwin Never Knew”, questions like “how did we get this diversity?”, “where did we descend from?”, and “why would God bother making so many different versions of one animal?” were asked. The scientists in the film described Charles Darwin to be more of a col- lector during his 5 year voyage to the Galapagos Islands. He noted that tortoises on the islands had different patterns, shapes, and sizes to their shells, but his great theory of evolution did not develop until he started collecting different birds into his bag. When he returned to England, he then realized that the birds he had collected were different variations of the same bird: the finch. Each had differ- ent beaks depending on which island they came from, because of the availability of food on each is- land (i.e. seeds, flowers, etc). During the Victorian era in England, the prevailing belief was that God had made all things perfect, but why make so many different versions of one thing? Darwin’s study
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