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Biology Outcomes ch 1 After studying this chapter, you should be able to accomplish the following outcomes. How to Define Life 1. List the four characteristics shared by all living organisms. 2. Define emergent property in reference to the levels of organization of living organisms. 3. Explain why maintaining homeostasis is critical for living organisms. 4. Describe how the process of reproduction leads to the evolution of species. Evolution, the Unifying Concept of Biology 5. List the 8 basic taxa of classification of living organisms, from most inclusive to least inclusive. 6. List the 4 domains and give an example of the types of organisms found in each. 7. Explain how natural selection leads to changes in the composition of a species over long periods of time.
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Unformatted text preview: How the Biosphere is Organized 8. Define ecosystem and briefly explain how living organisms within the ecosystem may interact. 9. Explain why biodiversity is important, and the various factors that threaten biodiversity in many ecosystems worldwide. The Process of Science 10. List the stages of the scientific method. 11. Explain the process of forming a scientific hypothesis. 12. Contrast inductive reasoning with deductive reasoning. 13. Describe the process of formation of scientific theories, and list some of the basic theories in modern biology. 14. Explain the benefits and limitations of using statistical studies in science. 15. Compare and contrast a field study with an investigative study....
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