Lab Tips - Lab Tips TOP 1 Lab References: BK-2A = General...

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TOP 1 Lab References: BK-2A = General Biology Independent Laboratory Experiences for the College Science Major, First Semester to accompany the LabPaq- 2A. Hands-On Labs, Inc. Available through General Instructions for Laboratories You are responsible for the content of and all work associated with laboratories. The course labs have been chosen to reinforce important course content, and you will be tested on your knowledge of lab work. The labs and the work areas to be turned in are all on the CD that came with your LabPaq. Please use appropriate sections of your course text, the world wide web and other resources to aid your understanding of lab content, where appropriate. These laboratories are hands-on explorations. Hard-to-obtain laboratory equipment is supplied via the LabPaq BK-2A. Other items must be supplied by you. Check the laboratory equipment list in each lab at least two weeks prior to the lab so that you have ample time to gather all required items to perform the exercises. Also, allow ample time for the conduct of each laboratory. If a lab requires that you share data with other students, please do so in the Lab Discussions. If a graph or illustration/drawing is required, please do it. If you do not own a spreadsheet software program, you can download a free one from the world wide web. Simple illustrations can be done using your word processor's drawing tools, or you can scan and include a hand- drawn and labeled illustration. Try a free download called GIMP I have heard it is easier to work with than the drawing program in MS Word®. Points will be deducted for not submitting required work or sharing data when asked to do so. Before using your LabPaq for the first time, READ the Introductory section. Also, check the list of supplies that is included with the LabPaq against the contents. If any item is missing, contact Hands-on Labs, Inc. ( immediately and it will be sent to you. Rule of Thumb: If you have a LabPaq PARTS question, ask Hands on
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Lab Tips - Lab Tips TOP 1 Lab References: BK-2A = General...

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