JOURNAL5u - JOURNAL Conflict Assignment Select 4-5 topics...

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JOURNAL - Conflict Assignment: Select 4-5 topics, 1-2 paragraphs each 1.Describe in detail your typical conflict style. Do you avoid conflict or get right in the middle of it? Are you direct or indirect? Compare and contrast conflict in two different relationships. In each relationship: How do you respond to conflict? How do you prefer to resolve conflict? Do you hold a grudge, act hurt, or are you able to step into forgiveness? My conflict style varies from relationship to relationship, all depending on the likelihood of escalation or satisfaction and the significant nature of the relationship to me. As the years have progressed, and I have gained more of a sense of myself and weighed the importance of a few of my earlier needs from people. As a teenager, or maybe as far back as elementary school, I would find myself smack in the center of conflict with everyone I was in contact with, so it seemed. I was very close with the school’s guidance consular, and that isn’t a good thing! I think that a great deal of why this was so often the case, was my need to be included in things and thoughts of my peers and family. I was trying to befriend schoolmates and trying to get close to my mother, while pushing the rest of my family away. I had this pathetic desire to be accepted by everyone in the world, and could not understand why I was butting heads with people. It shaped a great
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JOURNAL5u - JOURNAL Conflict Assignment Select 4-5 topics...

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