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What is Ethical Egoism? What is psychological egoism? Give at least one argument against Ethical Egoism. The theories of Ethical Egoism and Psychological Egoism, otherwise known as EE and PE, are based on consequentialism and a self-interest principle. PE is a descriptive perception of human behavior that claims that no matter what, people always make decisions and carry out actions based on what will be in their own self-interest. EE is very similar to PE, but is considered prescriptive because it claims that every person “should” or “ought” to live their life by their own self- interests. Unlike many other theories in ethics, EE makes no room for Altruism, which means that an Ethical Egoist does not believe nor partake in, or any other act that involves doing something for another or for a cause that abandons or gives up on what will be most beneficial to them. This does not mean that a proponent of EE is going to go out and shoot heroin every night and blow their bankroll on diamonds.
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