Are Chinese Confucisim and western Capitalism compatible

Are Chinese Confucisim and western Capitalism compatible -...

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Are Chinese Confucisim and western Capitalism compatible? The conflicting opinions in this matter, those of Aj Nuguen and Jack Scarborough, seem to be interpreting the same idea differently. Is the classical western economic philosophy that much of a contrast to the Eastern Confucism idea? For many years the West has dominated the world economy using a capitalist philosophy which basically means a highly competitive free market system based on the individual’s control of economic activities other than government’s control. Confucism is the philosophy adopted by many nations in the East that sets a tone for morality, humanity, social hierarchy, self-control, loyalty and family respect and the rule of nature. Nguyen claims that the two philosophies are in fact compatible, because one of them stemmed in part from the other. Nguyen compares the similarities he observes based on moderately supported evidence such as the linking of the French Phisyocrat Quesnay to the teachings of Confuscism. With this
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