LBJ - LBJ Compassion: the feel sympathetic to someone or...

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LBJ Compassion: the feel sympathetic to someone or something Equality: of the same measure, quantity, amount, or number as another The assignment was to choose my favorite president. The three criteria that I used when selecting the person who affects me the most were as follows. First I wanted to know what obstacles he may have overcome to get to become president. What defines this person as a human being? What life experiences and conditioning did they go through that may have effected how they ran the country. The next criteria were less circumstantial, and it has to do with the facts. I wanted to know what they accomplished domestically as President that I felt was relevant and something of a milestone in U.S. History. I wanted to say that without this President, we may not be where we are today as a country. The last part of the criteria dealt with how I related to them emotionally and factually. I choose Lyndon Baines Johnson as the president that stood out among the rest and has become my favorite President. Here is how LBJ fit into my criteria and caught my attention. The Johnson family was a Texas stronghold that dated back to the civil war. The role model in LBJ’s life was his father. Although brilliant and political, he had many troubles. His father was a businessman and entrepreneur who unfortunately lost everything due to enormous financial strain and debt. This was hard on the young LBJ and he proceeded to get into trouble socially and academically. He did not get into college his first time out and after a while he was ultimately accepted to Southwest Texas State Teachers College in 1927. (american president: an online reference rescource, 2009) This was a young man whom I can relate to personally. My father had a very similar upbringing and ended up a scholar who attended Wesleyan undergrad, and Swarthmore, where he was awarded two
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LBJ - LBJ Compassion: the feel sympathetic to someone or...

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