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Political Ideology: A consistent set of values and beliefs about the proper purpose and scope of government. Liberal: Use of government as a tool to promote equality more than order. Conservative: Use of government to promote order more than equality. I land on the political compass at economic left/right -5.38, and social authoritarian/liberetarian --4.26. This makes me a liberal leftist. According to www.politicalcompass.org , I fall into the same category as Gahndi. Socially I am a liberal. Liberals believe that the government should intervene when it promotes equality, such as the woman’s right to choose or homosexual lifestyles. Homosexuals, for example, should be free to choose their mate freely, as long as the relationship is between consenting adults.
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Unformatted text preview: The government should find ways to help homosexuals receive the same treatment as straight people do. Economically, I am a lefty. The government should provide helpto the disadvantaged. Universal healthcare is a program funded by the public and private contributions and TAXES. The government raises taxes, or redistributes taxpayer money in order to pay for it and that makes conservatives, who dont favor taxes to help people, very angry. This type of a program is a government tool that eradicates income inequality in a country. I fall into the liberal left because I believe in more government intervention economically and using government as a tool to promote social equality....
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