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The founder effect and genetic bottleneck are both forms of genetic drift. Each of these concepts explains why a local population of organisms, humans or otherwise, has a high concentration and low concentration of specific traits. With the founder effect, a population may colonize with a small collection of specific alleles. If a group of fish left a parent population, they are more likely to have a small mix of the same alleles than to have a very diverse mix. This may be a color pattern or intensity, or even a “defect.” The small population reproduces and over time no other alleles are introduced causing a lack of genetic diversity. This also happens with the genetic
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Unformatted text preview: bottleneck, but in a different manner. The genetic bottleneck consists of a population drop in size caused by a specific event like a volcano erupting etc. When this happens, many of the alleles may in fact become lost forever. This makes it impossible to find the same amount of variation in this population, because no matter how large the population amounts to over time with reproduction, it can phase out what was left of the allele. As we have studied, lack of genetic diversity can lead to an inability to adapt and survive in an environment. As a result of these forms of genetic drift, we can surely see issues relating to adaptation, which can often lead to extinction....
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