L11 - -Silicate and other light-metal rocks-Thinnest...

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11/5/09 The Earth 1. Inner Core (~1200 km radius) - Pressure and temperature highest (Pressure is proportional to Temperature) o Solid state - “Crystal” sphere – rotates as one piece - Composed of iron and some nickel - Rotates faster than rest of Earth (unexplained) 2. Outer Core (~2300 km thick) - High P+T but lower than inner core o Molten liquid - Iron and nickel (same as inner core) - Convection of liquid material responsible for Earth’s magnetic field 3. Mantle (~3000 km thick) - “plastic” primarily solid but flows slowly - Made of silicon rock (lighter than core) - Convection in mantle drives plate tectonics - Project Mohole (1966) – dug into mantle 4. Crust (~550 km thick)
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Unformatted text preview: -Silicate and other light-metal rocks-Thinnest, coolest, and most rigid layer-Constantly changing – only inner planet (natural processes) How do we know all this? Earth’s earthquakes! (2 types of waves) 1) P-waves (pressure) – slinky-like (left and right)-Travel through solid, liquid, and plastic 2) S-waves (shear/sideways) – like a string (up and down)-Only travel through solid and plastic, NOT LIQUID (can’t go through OUTER CORE) Differentiation – process by which heavier/denser materials sink to center of Earth while lighter ones rise up-Creates different layers; responsible for oceans and atmosphere...
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L11 - -Silicate and other light-metal rocks-Thinnest...

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