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October 13, 2009 philosophy, body and game come together Parody- remake of something in a funny way - creates new meaning Satire- object is more specific Rabelais is playing around with the form of religion. He’s making fun of chants. It took 6 more chapters after victory. Begin with body in much then why end story with utopian elements? Walls cut off monastery from the world. Breaking down walls break down people’s envy. Abbey- women and men are living together Religion- chastity, poverty and obedience
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Unformatted text preview: Abbey- can marry, rich, freedom World is being turned upside down on the physical level. Number is just big, not really hyperbole. Inscription is written as a poem. Lawyers and jealous people cannot go into the abbey. Chapter 53- the specifics of how the room is adorned Men and women match in clothing. Ther is no gender bias Coqalame-upside down Rabelias leaves us frustrated at the end of novel. There is no simple solution....
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