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September 18, 2009 Grotesque derived from grotto Rabelais-monk, went to church Sterile passion- hangs onto the passion that has meaning Oxymoron- contradicts each other - stops readers in track to figure out what’s being said Rabelais is changing relationship between readers and writer, asks you a request directly Laughter becomes focal point. Pg. 205- insults readers - starts talking about Plato and Socrates Compares Socrates to Sileni pg. 207- makes fun of Plato
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Unformatted text preview: Wine often appears in Gargantua Pg. 208- suggests he’s drinking while he’s reading or you’re drinking while reading- saying spent the same amount of time eating and drinking as writing Dualism- mind and body are connected He names those people because it gives his writing the high authority as the other writers. (Saying his writing is just as good.) Problems with boy sexuality is connected with mind....
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