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Media Women in magazines are often photographed in a submissive position. Women are pictured as disoriented so they need to depend on people. Their heads are down with eyes averted. Men are photographed as being active and in control of surroundings. Mainstream glamorized women’s victim poses. Infantilization- boys have to prove they let childhood behind while “girls merely have to unfold” In magazines, girls and women are portrayed as the same. Women are linked to childhood. Women and girls put fingers in their mouths.
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Unformatted text preview: -> Mixes adult sexuality with childhood. Women are snuggling into men and are holding them from behind, which shows reliance. Men are never shown hugging from behind. When he is behind, he is shown as enveloping and exerting control. Women are shown in childish positions. They are also shown as young girls and dolls. Men are not displayed like this, if they are, then its used for comedy. The codes of masculinity- strong, hard, active, rugged, and dominant...
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