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September 2 - -cave paintings engravings epic...

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September 2, 2009 Theater- considered an offering to gold temple or to the king King-God Kings are thought of acquainted or descendant of God. When the males become the King, they have to go through rituals. A lot of rituals are royal ritual. Trivandrum- shorthand for Tiruvananthapuram King’s sister’s son becomes ruler King has no political power but is still head of temple. Sister rules it too since power is passed down to her child. Folk dances in India take place in a circle. Dance is a part of worship and storytelling. 1.Pre and proto historic- Pre 200 B.C.
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Unformatted text preview: -cave paintings, engravings, epic puranas (stories) Later half is known as the Vedic period where Vedas is heard Vedas is considered sacred text to Hinduism. There are 4 Verdas. 2. 200 B.C.- 800 A.D. Natya Sastra- fifth Vedas- was supposed to spread knowledge about the previous 4 Vedas through dance 3. 300 A.D.-1600 A.D. Early and Late Medieval ecstatic experience is compared to food since Indians love food Has Muslim rulers so artists have to change their works. 4.1930’s- present Artists are reviving art for modern audience...
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