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Performing Arts in India Vocabulary Dance terms Nritta- pure dance Nritya- combination of dance and mime Natya- drama and story telling Abhinaya- the art of expression, mime, “to bring forth” Tandava- masculine dance Lasya- feminine dance Angika- body Vacika- speech, lyrics Aharya- dress and props Sattvika- internal emotion Rasa- literally: taste or flavor. The emotions expressed by the dancer which are then felt by the audience. Nrittamurti- dance aspect of a deity Kavya-poetry Nataka- drama Nattuvanar- conducts a dance performance, recites dance syllables, dance teacher
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Unformatted text preview: Devadasi- literally: servant of God, dancing girls dedicated to the temple service Carnatic- South Indian classical music system Hindustani- North Indian classical music sysmter Svara- Notes in a musical scale Dance postures Ardha Mandali or Araimundi- the “demi plie” position Stanas- basic positions Charis- fundamental movemtns Karanas- full body movents- 108 Adavu- basic uit of dance in Bharatanatyam Mudras- hand gestures...
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