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October 8, 2009 Self Schemas- cognitive generalizations about the self in a specific domain Ex. I’m a smart person - derived from past experiences Self Schema in given domain: -process info about the self in that domain with relative ease -retrieve behavioral evidence from that domain -predict one’s own future behavior in the domain -resist counter-schematic info about self-resist general interpretation about self Gender Schemas (Markus) See how long it takes for people to answer yes about themselves -Cares about response time, ease of info processing People are faster to answer yes to consistency rather than non-consistency
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Unformatted text preview: Males are quicker to answer to masculine adjectives than female adjectives Effects of schemas on future behavior (Ruvolo and Markus) • Participants were asked to imagine themselves being a) successful at work b) lucky at work c) failing at work despite clear effort d) failing because of bad luck • Then they worked a test that measured persistence Temporally extended self: Possible Selves-Mental representation of possible future selves- What you might become-What you are afraid of becoming Introspection- when do we do it? When people report focusing on themselves, they report lower levels of happiness...
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