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September 1 - Clinical Psychology seeks to understand and...

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September 1, 2009 People act different alone than when people are present. Imagined presence can stir emotions and model good or bad behaviors just by thinking about others. Social Influences in Classroom Students often: sit in same seats each lecture decide to take notes when they see others doing so don’t ask question for fear of prolonging class become concerned if finished test before other people won’t offer an answer for fear it sounds stupid Sociology focuses on group level. Cultural Anthropology- focuses on the culture level
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Unformatted text preview: Clinical Psychology- seeks to understand and treat people with psychological difficulties or disorders Personality Psychology- focuses on the influence of stable individual differences Naturalistic Observations-observer bias- perceive something differently Archives- the potential to look for data to support your view Surveys- used in school setting Psychological Test Disadvantages: unreliability reliable test means it’s consistent test may be reliable but not valid valid- accuracy of operation...
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