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SOC 247 The Gendered Society

SOC 247 The Gendered Society - shape in females This size...

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SOC 247 The Gendered Society Emphasized femininity exaggerates gender difference as a strategy to adapt to men’s power which stresses empathy and nurturance. Interplanetary theory of gender assumes whether through biology or socialization women act like women and men act like men. Psychologist Carol Tarvis says this kind of thinking leads to law of the excluded middle. Rosabeth Moss Kanter- gender is less important than opportunities in the workplace Barbara Risman found that single fathers are just as capable of raising their children Double bind- assumption of gender differences and the institutional gender neutrality Barbara McClintock- women having period at same time Katherine Dalton- test scores of girls Thornhill, Palmer- did studies on fruit flies Barash- rape as reproduction adaption by men who cannot get a date A researcher found the splenium that is a subregion of the corpus collosum is bigger and more bulbous in
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Unformatted text preview: shape in females. This size difference reflected less hemispheric lateralization in females than in males and this affected visual and spatial functioning. Other research cannot confirm this finding. MRI sounds no differences between women and men. Boys’ brains secrete less serotonin than girls’ brains. Michael Gurian claims that boys are more impulsive and not as calm as girls. When males have sex, there is a rush of oxytocin which makes them say I love you. Scientific evidence points in the other direction. The amygdale that responds to emotionally arousing info is larger in the male. There are more neuron connections in the region in males than in females which suggest they handle stress differently. German researchers remove the pups from their mothers and measure their serotonin levels....
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