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ECE 3040 Dr. Alan Doolittle Microelectronic Circuits Homework #3 NOTE: Some reference materials including tables, figures etc. .. handed out in class or in your text may be needed to solve these problems. 1.) Pierret 3.2 parts “c” and “d”. 2.) Pierret 3.6 3.) Pierret 3.13 4.) A 2 ohm-cm p-type silicon bar with an electron mobility of 1000 cm 2 /VSec and hole mobility of 250 cm 2 /VSec is to be used as a photoconductor (a device that has it’s resistivity change with illumination). The bar is 10 cm long and has a cross sectional area of 0.1 cm 2 . A.) What is the resistance of the bar? B.) What is the electron and hole concentrations in the bar? C.) If light generates 10 16 cm -3 electrons in steady state, assuming no change in mobility, what is the new resistance of the bar? D.) It is desired to have a SIMPLE circuit that will read the change in resistance. You only have at your disposal a 9 volt battery, another 4 ohm resistor, wire and a voltmeter. Design such a circuit.
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