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9/11/04 1 Lecture 5, Sept. 16 Anglo-American Religious Music texture Shape Note Singing 9/11/04 2 Berkeley Old Time Music Convention Who were the performers? How did they learn this music? How do they pass it on? Note the focus on the South, especially the Appalachian region. shape note hymn from a CD featuring Sheila Kay Adams: “Idumea” from the same CD: “Camp a Little While in the Wilderness” — sung to end camp meetings during the Second Great Awakening (early 19th century) 9/11/04 3 professional choirs in some churches but congregational singing predominated in Calvinist churches of New England singing served as an act of worship, praise and meditation instruments forbidden in many churches songs usually unharmonized (only one melody) several books of psalms published in first two centuries of English settlement far fewer tunes than texts Early Religious Music in New England 9/11/04 4 lining out lining out solved two problems: lining out as performance practice: leader reads or calls out the first line congregation sings, according to familiar tune singing only loosely coordinated 20th century example: “Amazing Grace” became slower and more ornate over the years
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9/11/04 5 texture by 1720s clergy criticize “chaos” in singing: “One … chorister would alter the Tunes a little in his Day, the next, a little in his, and so one after another, till in fifty or sixty years it caused a considerable alteration. … Your usual way of singing [i.e., w/out notation] is handed down by Tradition only, and whatsoever is only so conveyed down to us, it is a thousand in one if it be not miserably corrupted in three or
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M26Lecture05F08 - Berkeley Old Time Music Convention Who...

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