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10/14/08 1 Lecture 11, Oct. 14 Classical Music in America 10/14/08 2 MIDTERM congratulations on high scores! 3.0% 10 F 2.7% 9 D 17.5% 59 C 35.2% 119 B 41.7% 141 A 10/14/08 3 classical or art music in America not clearly separated from popular music until late 19th century waltzes, songs from operas attended by broad cross-section of public expensive institutions 10/14/08 4 core values of classical music focus on compositions and composers faithfulness to written work formality of performance complete attention, formal dress, applause only at end no amplification except in recent works that incorporate electronics
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10/14/08 5 highly trained professionals standardized division of labor: composers, conductors, singers, instrumentalists training: performing organizations: orchestras, choirs, string quartets 10/14/08 6 instruments: precision-made, usually hand- crafted, expensive materials
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M26Lecture11ClassicalMusic - MIDTERM congratulations on...

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