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M26Lecture11ClassicalMusic - MIDTERM congratulations on...

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10/14/08 1 Lecture 11, Oct. 14 Classical Music in America 10/14/08 2 MIDTERM congratulations on high scores! 3.0% 10 F 2.7% 9 D 17.5% 59 C 35.2% 119 B 41.7% 141 A 10/14/08 3 classical or art music in America has the highest status & greatest financial support not clearly separated from popular music until late 19th century 18th & 19th c. concerts mixed symphonies, marches, waltzes, songs from operas attended by broad cross-section of public upper class began to support orchestras & concert halls opera companies & opera houses expensive institutions linked to social status & wealth — aimed at & supported by upper & upper middle class patrons 10/14/08 4 core values of classical music focus on compositions and composers faithfulness to written work formality of performance complete attention, formal dress, applause only at end emphasis on purity & beauty of acoustic sound no amplification except in recent works that incorporate electronics
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10/14/08 5 extensive & expensive production network highly trained professionals standardized division of labor: composers, conductors, singers, instrumentalists training: private lessons & conservatories performing organizations: orchestras, choirs, string quartets 10/14/08 6 instruments: precision-made, usually hand- crafted, expensive materials 10/14/08 7 concert halls
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M26Lecture11ClassicalMusic - MIDTERM congratulations on...

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