09sexam1 - Biology 203/402 First Examination Spring 2009...

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Biology 203/402 Name__________________ First Examination Spring, 2009 TA’s___________________ Multiple Choice: 1. The working distance of an objective lens ________________ with increasing magnification. This feature is important when considering whether to use the coarse or fine focus with a particular objective. a. decreases b. increases c. stays the same 2 . The use of immersion oil allows _________________ light into the 100x objective lens compared to using no immersion oil. a. more b. less c. the same amount of 3. A 40x lens used with a 10x ocular would have a total magnification of _________________. a. 40x b. 50x c. 400x d. 4000x e. 4x 4. A diaphragm is used to regulate light going through this lens. a. objective b. ocular c. condenser d. light source 5. The resolving power of a lens is a function of ____________________. a. the magnifying power of the lenses b. the numerical aperture of the lenses c. the wavelength of light d. a and b e. b and c True/False: 6. T F When handling culture tubes, it is necessary to flame the lip of the culture tube prior to inserting aninoculating instrument, but unnecessary to flame the mouth of the culture tube prior to replacing the cap and closing it. 7. T F Two tubes of Serratia marcescens were inoculated with different amounts of organisms. If the tubes were examined within 24 hours, prior to the utilization of all nutrients, you would expect the tube inoculated with the most organisms would be more turbid than the tube inoculated with fewer organisms. 8. T F Serological pipettes, such as the 10 ml pipette used in lab, are designed to blow out the last drop with a pipetting device, in order to deliver the accurate volume. 9. T F Forceps are flamed until they are redhot in a Bunsen burner, similar to flaming the loop. 10. T F
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09sexam1 - Biology 203/402 First Examination Spring 2009...

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