FINAL EXAM NOTES - April 2 The Killers Ernest Hemingway...

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April 2 “The Killers” Ernest Hemingway Oleander boxer; paid to lose the fight, but got caught up in the moment and wins instead Classic “I got in wrong,” accepting the punishment -he’s a grown man After warning Swede, Nick goes back to small town, trying to go back to his innocence, leaving town George and Sam gives good advice “Stay out of it, kid” Grace under pressure – the moment between life/death; passive: wait for death like a man FLANNERY O’ CONNER One of the best short story writers, mistrustful of people, catholic writer, Christian: good vs. evil, sacramental of life fictional characters – grotesque Gothic writer: William Faulkner “A Good Man is Hard to Find” Grandmother did not want to go to Florida; she’s big pain and causes a lot of problems, brought cat along the trip Grandmother mentions the “killer” on the news—what are the odds of running into him Grandmother is racists, classists, had a lot of pride, thinks she is better than everyone Characters: John Wesley, June Star, Bailey, baby, and mother fake Christianity “Queen of the Day” imprisoned domesticity Foreshadowing: Neurotic grandmother, causes death to others, references a lot of death Foundation: to forgive and humility Finally stops at a restaurant April 7 More referencing/foreshadowing: hearse
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April 9 Langston Hughes motivated, had a lovely family couldn’t stay in the repressed South Metaphor- Whitman Left behind, marginalized, acknowledges that he is a brother Ginsberg A lot of anxieties, trying to establish identity 50s-60s: totally love Rejection of middle class; pacifisms (after WWI/WWII), no nukes/war, against technology Stress to enhance one’s consciousness by the use of drugs Beaf hallucination @ beginning of Ginsberg’s life, event into mental institution “Rockland” (1955) Western- America Cottage- doorstop of Whitman “America” Next World- antichrist proclamation or Whitman?, here and now, we exist Sinister/practical joke? Butt of practical joke, subscribe to 20 th century Blossoms – cherry differs from plum (Japanese Reference) losing its hold, identity Wobblies-international work of the world Communist socialist, anti-capitalist Don’t apologize for anything Rose pattern wallpaper, metaphorically gay (in the closet), very angry passive Obsession w/ the mind right (psychoanalyst) Lord’s Prayer be made to say anything wrote or religion, failure of religion Cosmic consciousness Red Scare (Xenophobia) addressing you (Listen up) “I am America” – Langston Hughes I’m wonderful but didn’t happen China’s man chance—co-opted these phrases, marginalizing the resources—immigration Five hundred sons? Catholic—Kennedy’s foreshadowing
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FINAL EXAM NOTES - April 2 The Killers Ernest Hemingway...

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