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Name_______KEY_____________ UT EID____________________________ BIO 330 February 12, 2004 Quiz 2 1. What viral component is required for specific attachment and penetration of host cells? (5 points) The anti-receptor. 2. You have a virus that transforms cells, but does not give plaques. What specific assay can you use to quantitate this virus? (5 points) A focus-forming assay. You could also determine the amount of transforming virus using limiting virus dilution and then assays for colony formation of infected cells in low serum or soft agar.
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Unformatted text preview: Virus measurements in infected cells also could be performed by PCR, hybridization or fluorescently tagged antibodies to a viral protein. 3. Why do animal viruses need to use monocistronic mRNAs? (5 points) Ribosomes from eukaryotic cells translate mRNA monocistronically (usually from the first AUG on the mRNA). These ribosomes cannot initiate translation internally like bacterial ribosomes. Since animal viruses do not encode their own translational machinery, they must obey the rules for eukaryotic ribosome translation....
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