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Name_______KEY_______________________ UT EID____________________________ BIO330 Quiz 2 February 14, 2006 Please read each question carefully before answering. 1. What is the difference between an infectious viral RNA and a positive polarity viral RNA? (5 points) An infectious viral RNA can be introduced into a cell and allow the complete infectious cycle to proceed, including production of infectious virions. This RNA must have positive polarity. However, a positive polarity RNA may not be infectious if it cannot make all the viral proteins needed for the infectious cycle (e.g., retroviral RNA is positive polarity, but not infectious). 2. Name at least two events that must occur during viral eclipse. (5 points) During viral eclipse, viral mRNAs may be transcribed, viral mRNAs are translated, viral nucleic acid will be replicated and packaged, and the capsid will be assembled and, in some cases,
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Unformatted text preview: need maturational cleavages. 3. You have a virus that transforms cells, but does not lyse cells. What specific assay can you use to quantitate this virus? (5 points) Transforming viruses that do not lyse cells could not be measured by a plaque assay. You could assay serial virus dilutions using a focus-forming assay, which depends on a change in cellular morphology. The number of foci would be proportional to the amount of transforming virus present. You also could use the number of colony formed in soft agar or the number of colonies that grow in low-serum media. Since I did not ask for the amount of “infectious virus”, you could also use assays such as immunofluorescence, hybridization, or PCR if you compare your unknown virus to dilutions of a “known” virus standard....
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