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Political Thought in America Philip Abbott Introduction I. Three American Languages A. Biblical Thought 1. Judeo-Christian Tradition a) Over-arching plan 2. Moral Assessment of current political practice and attempts to connect personal experience to divine imperatives 3. “City upon a hill” 4. Moral debate over independence, slavery, industrialization, the Cold War, and discrimination B. Republicanism 1. Commitment to the principle that there is a res publica (public thing) that can only be interpreted by citizens at large 2. Republicans are distrustful of “public good” 3. Based on common participation of citizens at large 4. Citizens must be willing to take political action on the basis of the common good 5. Nations in which political activity is based on class or individual self-interest
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Unformatted text preview: is doomed to degenerate to tyranny a) American revolution 6. Virtue does not govern political activity C. Liberalism 1. John Locke a) Political authority could only be understood by positing a condition in which individuals find themselves without government (state of nature) (i) S of N, not a state of war b) In S of N, governments are created by the individual consent of human beings to protect their natural rights, “life, liberty, and property.” 2. Liberal political thought rests on the extent to which political structures advance individual pursuits and how political institutions can accommodate different conceptions of individualism II. Conservatism and Radicalism A. Conservatism 1....
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