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d108aecda7899b0527893dde25eba622a4fd4261.xls input Down Link Budget Excel calculates these values Excel Equation Equation x frequency (GHz) 2.4 wavelength (m) 0.1250 3e8/C2/1e9 wavelength from frequency x Amplifier Power (Watt) 1 Power (dB) 0.00 0.00 10*LOG($C4)+30 power in watts to dB x Feeder loss (dB) 6 -6 x Transmit antenna diameter (m) 0.2 x antenna efficiency (%) 0.6 transmitter antenna gain (dB) 11.98 10*LOG(C9*C8*C7*0.01*(PI()/D3)^2) EIRP 11.98 x distance (km) 35,780 propagation loss (dB) -185.10 20*LOG($D3/(2000*PI()*$C12)) x atmosperic loss (dB) 1 -1.00 x receiver antenna dimensions (m) 0.36 x 0.36 x antenna efficiency (%) 60 receiver antenna gain (dB) 3 Antennas 16.91 50.74 10*LOG($C17*0.01*$C16*$C15*((PI()/$D3)^2)
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Unformatted text preview: x receiver feeder loss (dB) 6-6.00 x receiver noise figure (dB) 15.07 x background sky temperature (K) 50 equivalent temperature (K) 9,085 $C21+290*(10^(0.1*$C20)-1) Te = Ts + To(NR-1) No, noise level (dB/Hz) 189.02 189.02 (-10)*LOG($D22*1000*1.379*10^(-23)) No(dBm) = 10log(kTe/10^-3) x Bandwidth (Hz) = data rate (bps) 2.5.E+07-73.98 (-10)*LOG(C25) 10LogB Noise power (dB) 115.04 SNR (dB) 20.34 SUM(E2:E24) NOT =D5-D24 Eb/No (dB) 27.06 14.32287 Using 16QAM enter values in this column 10*Log( η *width*height*(π/ λ )^2) 10Log( λ /4πr)^2 10*LOG( η *width*height*(π/ λ )^2)...
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