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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science ECH 155B, Winter 2009, Chemical Engineering Laboratory Instructors Bruce Gates Room 3102 Bainer Hall Office hours: M 4:30-5:30, W 3:30-4:30 in 2051 Kemper, or by appointment Email: [email protected] Robert Powell Room 3004 Bainer Hall Office hours: M, T 5 PM or by appointment (Note: Not available some office hours) Email: [email protected] Teaching Assistants : Isao Ogino Room: to be announced Office hours: by appointment Email: [email protected] Alper Uzun Room: to be announced Office hours: by appointment Email: [email protected] Emel Goksu Room: to be announced Office hours: by appointment Email: [email protected] Grading : Two Excel spreadsheets 10 points each Two written reports 100 points each One oral presentation (group grade) 100 points per student Two memos (the experimental plans) 10 points per student Laboratory safety, maintenance, and cleanup 60 points Total 400 points Each of the two written reports will be graded and returned promptly, and the faculty assessment will be summarized on the grading form, which is included in this syllabus. The completed reports should be placed in the locked box on the third floor of Bainer Hall next to the homework return shelves by the due date and time stated below. The oral presentation of the results of the design project based on your second experiment will be graded according to the grading form included in this syllabus. Late reports will lose 10 points per day and 15 points for the weekend. Late reports must be given directly to the instructor in charge of the experiment and signed in. Integrity : It is imperative that you work effectively with the members of your group, in the laboratory, in the preparation of the two memos used to describe your experimental plans, and in the presentation of your oral report. You are encouraged to share ideas concerning your analysis of the two experiments, and you may share with members of your own group any analyzed data obtained by the group prior to the completion of the experimentation; otherwise, the work that you submit for a grade must be your own , that is, you must be the master of the material to
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ECH 155B COURSE SYLLABUS which you have affixed your signatur e. Evidence of any violations of the UCD Code of Academic Conduct will be sent directly to Student Judicial Affairs. If you are unsure of what is meant by plagiarism, cheating, academic dishonesty, etc., see the UCD Code of Academic Conduct . A brief explanation is given in the Schedule & Directory under the title of Integrity and details are available at http://sja.ucdavis.edu/sja/ . SCHEDULE OF DATES FOR EXPERIMENTAL PLANS Experimental plans (the experimental design and the spreadsheet) must be submitted to the instructor and the TA responsible for your experiment by 5:00 pm on the day prior to the start of the experiment. Electronic submission is acceptable.
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155b_2009syllabuswinter010809 - UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA...

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