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146_2009_quiz2_012009 - With the same reaction feed...

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ECH 146 Winter, 2009 Quiz 1 (consisting of one page only) 1/21/09 CLOSED BOOK TIME ALOTTED: 20 MINUTES 1 . The reaction A + B C + D was carried out isothermally and at steady state in an ideal reactor to generate the data shown on the attached graph, where - r A is the rate of disappearance of A and X is conversion. The feed was an equimolar mixture of A and B. A . (2 points). If the feed to a PFR with a volume V of 40 liters is 200 mol/min (100 mol/min of A and 100 mol/min of B), what is the rate of the reaction at the reactor exit if the reaction is carried out at steady state at the temperature at which the data were collected? B . (2 points).
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Unformatted text preview: With the same reaction, feed composition, feed flow rate, and temperature, at what conversion is the volume of a steady-state CSTR twice that of a PFR? _____________________________________________________________________________________ Some equations that may help: Ideal Reactor type Design Equation (Mol balance equation) Steady-state CSTR r j = ( F j – F j0 )/ V Steady-state PFR r j = dF j / dV Perfectly mixed batch r j = (1/ V )( dN j / dt ) Notation: r j is rate of reaction of species j. F j is molar flow rate of species j. Subscript 0 refers to inlet. N j is number of moles of j. V is volume; t is time....
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