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ECH 146 Winter, 2009 Quiz 1 (consisting of one page only) 1/14/09 CLOSED BOOK TIME ALOTTED: 20 MINUTES 1 . The reaction A B takes place isothermally and with no volume change at steady-state. Two CSTR’s with different volumes were used to collect the data. The feed to the reactor was pure A with a concentration of 1.0 mol/L. As shown in the table below, various concentrations of A in the product stream ( C A ) were observed at various volumetric flow rates of the feed to the variously sized reactors. Use the results to find the residence time required for a change in the concentration of A in a steady-state plug-flow reactor from 1.0 mol/L to 0.2 mol/L if the plug- flow reactor is operated at the same temperature as the CSTR’s.
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Unformatted text preview: V , reactor volume, L Feed flow rate v , L/min C A , mol/L 10 16.7 0.10 10 38.6 0.30 10 54.0 0.50 1.0 7.0 0.70 1.0 9.0 0.80 1.0 15.0 0.90 ______________________________________________________________________________________ Some equations that may help: Ideal Reactor type Design Equation (Mol balance equation) Steady-state CSTR r j = ( F j – F j0 )/ V Steady-state PFR r j = dF j / dV Perfectly mixed batch r j = (1/ V )( dN j / dt ) Notation: r j is rate of reaction of species j. F j is molar flow rate of species j. Subscript 0 refers to inlet. N j is number of moles of j. V is volume; t is time....
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