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notes 2-19 - American Political Thought National Idea...

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American Political Thought 2/19/08 National Idea Compact Theory Alexander Hamilton Thomas Jefferson John Marshall John C. Calhoun Daniel Webster Jefferson Davis Abraham Lincoln Strom Thurman Teddy Roosevelt Ronald Regan F.D.R. George Bushs John Kennedy L.B.J. I. National Idea A. Constitution direct grant of power from the people II. Compact theory A. State by state basis B. See the Constitution as a compact between the states III. Struggle between Federalists and democratic republicans IV. Split between Hamilton and Jefferson A. Hamilton wanted government similar to that of England
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American Political Thought 2/26/08 I. What did founding fathers do? A. Won first successful war for colonial independence B. Established first nation sized republic C. Created first holy secular state D. Rejected the conventional wisdom. Political sovereignty must reside at one level. 1. Dual sovereignty - They created two spheres of sovereign power E. Institutionalization of political parties: Dissent is legitimate discussion II. What didn’t they do?
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