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MKT 307 Spring 2010 Midterm1 - MKT 307 Spring 2010 Midterm...

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MKT 307 Spring 2010 Midterm Due February 18, 2010 at 6:50 PM Hand in Hard Copy in Class Instructor: Jeff Pallin Golden Gate University Student Name________________________________ This midterm is due at the beginning of class on February 18, 2010. Please submit a hard copy, stapled. Section 1: True/False (Underline or Circle your answer) 2 points each 1. The cost of insertion or attachment for In-pack or On-pack sampling is an important factor to consider in the preparation or execution of a sampling program. T F 2. Forward Buying is a form of sales promotion that guarantees stock will be available when the consumer shows up to take advantage of the purchase opportunity. T F 3. A Near-pack can be used to generate store traffic. T F 4. To calculate the total cost of a refund, the marketer must include postage and handling. T F 5. To measure the success of a premium offer, the marketer can look at the number of orders filled. T F 6. To get competitive loyal users to switch brands, a larger value coupon often must be offered, T F 7. Sweepstakes and contests are a fun way for a company to reward its most loyal customers. Trying to design them to achieve a specific marketing goal will never produce successful results. T F 8. An effective way to boost sales in a given geographical area is to offer certain retailers a discount but withhold it from others. T F 9. When a company offers a coupon, it must include the number of people expected to redeem the coupon in its estimate of the total cost. This can be done with considerable accuracy. T F 10. A Through-the-Mail premium can effectively target a specific group of customers, trying to persuade them to try or purchase a product on a more regular basis. T F
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Section 2: Multiple Choice (Underline or Circle your answer) 2 points each 11. Sales promotions represent 51% of a marketer’s budget in 1995. A reason for this is: a. Retailers like rebates b. Consumers need an incentive or they won’t buy. c. Advertising doesn’t work anymore. d. Sales promotions produce results. e. Everyone like coupons. 12. One of the strategic categories of consumers is defined as attaching little importance to brands. They are: a. Competitive Loyals b. Switchers c. Non-users d. Students at GGU e. Price Buyers 13. Coupons are popular because: a. People feel like they are getting a deal. b.
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MKT 307 Spring 2010 Midterm1 - MKT 307 Spring 2010 Midterm...

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