dzh - w for i=1:N-1

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%% shear % N = 1000; L = 10; x = linspace(0,L,N); h = L/(N-1); o = [5, 1, 0.1, 0.001]; V=zeros(length(o),length(x)); M=zeros(length(o),length(x)); M(1) = 0; V(1) =0; V for k = 1:length(o) for i = 1:length(x) w(k,i) = 10.*exp((-((x(i))-5).^2)./(2.*o(k))); end end e hold on title('w(x) for various sigma') xlabel('x') ylabel('w(x)') plot(x,w(1,:),'b') plot(x,w(2,:),'r') plot(x,w(3,:),'g') plot(x,w(4,:),'m') p legend('sigma 5','sigma 1','sigma 0.1','sigma 0.001') l %% Shear % V(:,1) = 0; V for t=1:length(o) for i= 1:length(x) V(t,i) = %% % w = w(1,:)
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Unformatted text preview: w for i=1:N-1 V(1)=V(1)+((h/6)*(w(x(i))+4*(1/2)*(w(x(i))+w(x(i+1)))+w(x(i+1)))); % M(1)=M(1)+((h/6)*(-x(i)*w(x(i))-((x(i)+x(i+1))/2)*4*w((x(i)+x(i+1))/2). .. % -x(i+1)*w(x(i+1)))); end V(1); % M(1); % for k=1:N-1 for j=1:k V(k+1) = V(k+1)+((h/6)*(-w(x(j))-4*(1/2)*(w(x(j))+w(x(j+1)))-w(x(j+1)))); end V(k+1) = V(k+1) + V(1); end e %% for g=1:N-1 for f=1:g M(g+1)=M(g+1)+((h/6)*(V(f)+4*(1/2)*(V(f)+V(f+1))+V(f+1))); end M(g+1)=M(g+1)+M(1); end e figure plot(x,V) p figure plot(x,M)...
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This note was uploaded on 02/18/2010 for the course ENGINEERIN 7 taught by Professor Patzek during the Spring '08 term at Berkeley.

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dzh - w for i=1:N-1

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