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%% Miguel De Gracia. 19481379. Lab Assignment 4. Section 22 % %% Problem 1a % a=5; b=16; my_adder(3,4); %MATLAB assigned values to a and b, but when given the function command it %only used the input variable and displayed the answer of the function. c=my_adder(a,b); %In this case MATLAB remembers the variables that were assigned to a and b %earlier and uses them in function my_adder. my_adder([5 6],[1 2]); %It adds element by element. The first indices by the first indeces of the %following row vector and the second by the second returning as the answer, %[6 8]. % %in1+in2; %MATLAB will return an error saying that the variables in1 and in2 have not %been defined because these are local variables that exist inside the %function and not in the command window. % %c-out; %MATLAB will return an error stating that out is an undefined variable %because it only exists in the function. type my_adder t %% Problem 1b % ht=[1 2 3]; b=[2 5 8]; areas=tri_area(b,ht) type tri_area t %% Problem 1c % G=my_numbers(3,2,7)
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DeGracia_Miguel_19481379_sec22_lab4 - Miguel De Gracia...

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