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2/7/08 American Political Thought Conservative Whigs focused on the inequalities of people o Advance republicanism instead of democracy o Rule of law, protection of minority rights o Democracy=direct democracy. Bad. o “republic” in between monarchy and democracy o Republic – No monarch, no direct majority. Protect property rights , esp property rights o Res public – public thing o Govt should not centralize government o American exceptionalism – America is unique. Individualism, liberty, etc. Radical Whigs – farmers and poorer people
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Unformatted text preview: o Jefferson, Paine, Samuel Adams, (James Madison) o Emphasize equality more than individualism, liberty… Move from equality of opportunity to equality of substance o Paine (che gulvara of America) - Purpose of government is general happiness o Small government. strong state government. Articles of Confederation o Reflected views of radical whigs o First president under A of C. one one year term elected by the legislature....
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